Property Sale Expenses

When you go to sell your property you have to take into account the expenses that we detail below:

Plus Valía Tax, is a tax paid to the City Council or to the Collection Board, as long as it sells for greater value than when it is purchased.

If the seller is a Non-Resident, there will be retention by the buyer of 3%.

You must have the most recent electricity, gas and water receipts on the day of the signing the Deed.

Community Certificate: this certificate is mandatory for signing the Deed. The cost of this certificate varies between 25€ and 50€.

Energy Certificate: The seller must present this to the notary at closing. The price may vary depending on the type and size of the property.

License of First Occupation of the property to sell, in many cases a Certificate of Urban Non-Infringement is presented.

If you hire the services of a lawyer, it is usually from 1% to 2% depending on the professional.

If you sell through a Real Estate Agency, the commission for the management of the sale of the property usually varies between 5% and 7% plus the corresponding VAT, depending on the agreement you make with the Agency.